Back home from holidays and thousands of pictures to show. Avoid losing friends: organize a story with your pictures, so that even those who were not with you can enjoy your experience.

The most difficult part is setting up the story and sorting out the pictures. The story could come out while sorting the pictures or the other way round. I usually sort out the best looking ones, see which story could be written by going through them a couple of time. Eventually, recover some pictures you discarded in the beginning if steps are missing.

Do not exceed with pictures, around 20 to 30 is usually more than enough, unless you had a tour around the world. Follow logical steps while building up the story, cut out redundant pictures, make it easy to follow.

Most important, hook your flow of pictures to a thread line: it could be a person,a colour, a shape, an action … whatever, but it must be present or, instead of a reportage, you will get a patchwork.

Enjoy and show us your results!