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How to shoot gorgeous pictures above the clouds, against the sun, at -15°C


The Säntis (Switzerland) cablecar brings you above the clouds after an impressive climb along its massive glacier. To survive on Alps in winter you should not forget what I forgot:

– sun glasses
– sun cream
– thin warm gloves


About photo gears, I was the only photographer up there without

–  UV filter
–  polarizer

I had them, but their profile is to high for my new lenses and give strong vignetting.


Despite 5 of the most important points were not respected, I had plenty of battery, three different light meterings to test and several memory cards. This (and HDR and photo retouch) helped to have material for this new artborghi gallery on : click it and enjoy the show!

Additionally, you can give a look to the panorama pictures made out of this gorgeous Alpine day by clicking here

Posted by lorenzoborghi on February 26, 2013
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  1. 02/27/2013

    Unbelievably awesome! It’s sad you didn’t have the polarising filter! Would you mind sharing the EXIF?

    • 02/27/2013

      I did not remove EXIF you should easily read it on the right column when you open the flickr set. Having with me only a polarizer with vignetting forced me to try with different light metering. I do not know if I would have got better results with a polarizer. I will anyway look around for a low profile polarizer..any suggestion based on your experience?

  2. 03/3/2013

    Beautiful images, great post!


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