“[…] Suddenly he saw a huge natural statue among the snow covered mountains. It looked like a Buddha! It was wearing a monk’s habit, holding straight its head and body […]”

Do you find it too, as Donghua Li did? Click on the top-right corner blue-arrow on the panorama below, pan (click and move) and zoom (mouse wheel) – panorama option offered by dermandar.com – panorama shot with D800 1/2500 from the shaky Titlis cliff walk !

[gigya src=”http://static.dermandar.com/swf/Viewer.swf?v=1.4″ flashvars=”pano=evdWJY” width=”860″ height=”238″ allowScriptAccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true”]

The “igloo town” (iglu-dorf) at the Trübsee (EngelbergTitlis): bar, restaurant and hotel rooms all in ice. Give it a look with ARTBorghi animated pictures on site, click start below.