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Secret life of birds? Not with a 200 mm lens on a D800!

artborghi-birds-4dsmall artborghi-birds6small artborghi-birds-1dsmall

artborghi-birds-3dsmall artborghi-birds-2small artborghi-birds-5small

Things are not always as they seem. Find it out by clicking on each picture.

Posted by lorenzoborghi on April 16, 2013
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  1. 04/16/2013

    The 36MegaPixel sensor of your Nikon D800 allows you to crop small parts of your photos and still obtain very good quality images.

    • 04/16/2013

      Exactly. Working with a 36 Mpx sensor “elongates” the power of the 200 mm. Almost all these birds are around 1/20th in size of the full picture.

      However, to get crispy 100% crops a few tricks are needed:

      – ISO 100 to 400 max otherwise noise will be easily visible.

      – Very fast shutter speeds above 1/1250. Minimal movements will be otherwise visible. VR helps a lot

      – Aperture values below 2 are not as crispy. I try always to use around f/6 if I know I will crop down to 100%

      – Use only the central AF. At least with theD800. Live view might be better, but birds do not always wait for it.

  2. 04/16/2013

    do you think the lady ducks get drowned when mating??

    • 04/16/2013

      I heard this may happen to lady frogs and lady ducks , once harmed by the male partner. I suppose lady ducks might escape the deadly embrace easier, unless the male partner peck her to death.


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