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Alps REWIND: a D800 interval-timer-shooting point-of-view

Interval timer shooting seems easy. Just fix the camera on a tripod, switch off all automatic setups, start the program and wait to fill up the card(s).

However, I could not find yet a way to have a smooth from-day-to-night sequence. Whatever slightly overexposed setup for the day I choose, it will be too dark for the night.

I could find no software for auto-toning the whole sequence. Additionally, with too dark pictures colour noise increases and does not look good. Any help is appreciated.

Posted by lorenzoborghi on April 18, 2013
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  1. 04/18/2013

    you leave your camera there from day to night? where will you try next time??

    • 04/18/2013

      If I do not find a solution to day-to-night shift I will try to improve night interval shooting.

      I would really love to have a milky way and star rotation pointing at the polar star. If I organize it I tell you! It might take 5-6 hours in the night, the more we are, the more fun is!

      • 04/19/2013

        so that means i won’t be able to snatch your camera when you are drifting off yet 😉

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