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How good is the Lowepro Flipside 400 W with a D800 set? A review after 5 months usage.

lowe pro flipside 400 w

Without a Lowepro flipside bag I would not know how to carry my D800, its lenses and the few accessories. The back side cannot be opened while carrying the bag, this option adds a relaxed state of mind when walking through crowds. My bag has still empty space but my neck payload reached already its limit (approx. 4 Kg). The front side is narrow and easy to open. I leave in nothing more than filters, tissues and so on. Although nicely designed, the Lowepro flipside 400 W has some annoying quality and assembly issues.

lowe pro flipside 400 w issues

a) The front-pouch threads get easily trapped in the zipper and brake.  I had to burn the loose ends.

b) The back-side inner-cover is very soft and breaks just by friction with the camera.

c) The D800 is heavy and a double-layered wall is necessary to avoid the camera falling through compartments.

d) The small element of the chest strap comes out of its track and get lost easily.

Last but not least, the backside is frame-less and nicely sticks to sweating backs. Despite these flaws, without this bag I would be lost. Any alternative suggestion?

Posted by lorenzoborghi on April 30, 2013
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  1. 04/30/2013

    I have the 300aw, So thank you for pointing out possible flaws. I can now keep an eye on trouble spots.

    • 04/30/2013

      Welcome, I already lost (and found) the strap holder twice on ski slopes ..


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