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Not exactly the “perfect storm” … but some lightnings nevertheless!

How clever would you feel in the middle of a storm holding a carbon tripod?
artborghi-lightings-4small artborghi-lightings-3small
The interval timer is a luxury, but setting up the proper exposure time was not easy.

artborghi-lightings-1small artborghi-lightings-2small

Nécessaire for the event:

– plastic bags for head & camera
– tissue to remove rain drops every now and then from the lens
– wide lens to capture as much sky as possible
– interval timer shooting every 13 secs with exposure 10 secs long to have no gaps
– tripod
– memory cards (out of 180 pictures, 4 were with lightnings)
– luck

… maybe the next one will be a perfect storm!

Posted by lorenzoborghi on May 3, 2013
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  1. 05/3/2013

    Great captures!

  2. 05/3/2013

    I love the last item: luck! So very true. Nice work. Thanks for sharing.

    • 05/3/2013

      You cannot imagine how many wonderful, perfect, huge lightnings came down on the opposite side … and of course rotating the camera had the same effect of changing lane in a traffic jam 😀

  3. 05/3/2013

    Wow! You are really professional;)

    • 05/3/2013

      Because I came back from the roof top alive 😀 ?

  4. 05/3/2013

    Great Pictures. They remind me of the storms I saw as a kid in Northern Canada! Thanks for Sharing.


    • 05/4/2013

      So that’s da place to go for real lightnings.. I will keep it in mind!


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