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The artistic side of infrared photography with a 850 nm filter and the Nikon 50 mm f/1.4 G

Enjoy some views of the Botanical Garden of Zurich through the 850 nm infrared filter I recently got.


These pictures were shot without focusing through the IR filter but removing it, focusing and remounting it.


They are quite soft because of the AF system calibrated not for IR light but for visible light…


… nevertheless, these pictures are still giving some thrills, don’t you think?


Click pictures to magnify. Btw, plants reflect IR light, that’s why they are so white…

Posted by lorenzoborghi on June 2, 2013
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  1. 06/3/2013

    These photos are like dreaming. Great! Thanks.

    • 06/3/2013

      Thank you. At first I was unhappy for the out of focus issue … after I learned how to focus IR pictures, I liked it! When sunshine will ever come back to Zurich, I will experiment more. Hopefully before the end of the year 😀


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