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What might be the D800 1/8000 for?


It for freezing time! If the light is strong enough for low ISO… if the subject is as thin as a f/2.8 focus plane… then the 1/8000 time option of the D800 let you capture unusual points of view. Like these upside-down single droplets out of a fountain . Click the picture to magnify.  Here below the full size picture: find the waterman!


Posted by lorenzoborghi on June 22, 2013
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  1. 06/22/2013

    Very beautiful! It is amazing what can be captured with enough patience. Thanks for sharing.


    • 06/22/2013

      Thank you Jim! I am happy you appreciate also these small details: I like them too!

  2. 06/24/2013

    you cropped them out of bigger pics?

    • 06/24/2013

      Sure, I have no real macro (yet). I chose the 70-200 for its f/2.8 and not the 16-35 f/4. In this way I could keep low ISO and fast shutter speed. The pictures are 100% crop.


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