Every three years in Zurich the Zurifest opens: mind 2016 is coming soon!

artborghi-zuerifaescht-2013-fireworks- 1

artborghi-zuerifaescht-2013-fireworks- 2

Don’t miss two consecutive nights of fire- and waterwork opera on the shores of Zurich lake artborghi-zuerifaescht-2013-fireworks- 4

artborghi-zuerifaescht-2013-fireworks- 5 artborghi-zuerifaescht-2013-fireworks- 6

artborghi-zuerifaescht-2013-fireworks- 10

artborghi-zuerifaescht-2013-fireworks- 14

Come and experience what Switzerland’s down-town turns into during these three awesome days!


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