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Dawn on the Alps

Professionals wake up by night, reach their location just before dawn…


… and catch the first glimpse of the sunrise on the highest peaks!


… however, not all professionals manage to wake up so early …


Enjoy some views “just-shortly-after-dawn” from the heart of the Swiss Alps, close to Andermatt.


Posted by lorenzoborghi on August 18, 2013
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  1. 08/18/2013

    Whoo! No matter you slept late, great pics. We have been discussing a trip there in the not to far future – this may make it happen!

    • 08/18/2013

      I really like the area around Andermatt and the Gotthard pass . It is quite an underdeveloped location for tourism compared to Davos or Zermatt, but that’s why I love it!

  2. 08/19/2013

    Your photos are always amazing! 🙂

    • 08/30/2013

      Thanks! Now that days are going to be shorter, I will maybe manage to get a real dawn 😀

      • 08/30/2013

        ))) Waiting then 🙂 Good Luck :D:D:D

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