Out of the old city wall of Istanbul is a tram stop called “Topkapi”. Odd enough the famous Topkapi palace is 40 minutes far away from this stop: I decided to step out and visit this location. Here is a museum dedicated to the Fall of Constantinople that took place on the 29 May 1453.


One attack after the other, that day the Ottomans rolled several heads down the wall, from Genoese generals up to the Christian Emperor Constantine XI.



Blood went on flowing in the city “like rainwater in the gutters after a sudden storm“, and bodies of the Turks and Christians floated in the sea “like melons along a canal”.  And so was that the second Rome turned into Istanbul, “The City”.




Picture of this blood-red sunset shot with my Nikon D800 + 16-35 mm f/4 (click pictures to magnify).  This is still my camera. A special thanks go to Istanbul police who showed me the way out of this Panorama Park, after darkness prevailed … and scary inhabitants of this place started to show some interest for me, or just for my camera… or both?