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Unfolding The GREEN point of view: one day to the vernissage!


We packed every framed picture for my exhibition “The green point of view” with tender loving care. Now that we reached the exhibition hall it is time to unpack all of them 12… patience is a virtue.


When professional packaging doesn’t suffice, remember that towels become very useful. As they say: never leave your towel home!


It looks like this was my job since ever, doesn’t it? But … things are not as they seem. This is the only publishable hammering picture of the day.


Almost done …


… and that’s it! The green point is view is ready! Waiting for you at 18:00 of this Thursday 20th of March in Bärengasse 29, Zurich! In case you do not manage it, the exhibition will stay open until the 30th of March.

Posted by lorenzoborghi on March 19, 2014
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  1. 03/19/2014

    Ohhhhh, waow!!! Bist du anwesend während der Ausstellung ?

    • 03/19/2014

      I will try to be everyday at the exhibition at least for some hours. I am very curious about the feedback I can get!


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