Close to the shores of the North Sea, the European Space Agency develops the future research projects aboard the International Space Station.


The ISS high-definition model at the ESTEC

Inside the Esa Columbus module, ISS astronauts run scientific experiments and investigate  how (absence of) gravity affects life development.


The ISS Columbus module

Together with the 1:1 Columbus module replica , additional  ISS modules are present:


Detail on the shared environments on the ISS


The x-y-z communication doors between the ISS modules


One of the ISS passive connecting modules


Inside the ISS “cupola”, the space observatory where astronauts shoot pictures also to Earth

All macro pictures shot with hand-held D800 and 16-35 mm f/4. Although the 16-35 mm is a wide-angle, it can be used to shoot close-up details thanks to the minimal focusing distance of 29 cm, with a max. magnification ratio 1:4