Stones connecting stones, hard to see at a first glimpse Click on the entrance of the tunnel on the right: you will see Satan himself, and a goat at his feet.


However, the Devil’s bridge is not the motorway bridge crossing the right side of the picture, but the lower one on the left, letting pedestrians across the Reuss turbulent river below (still partially covered by snow)


We are now on the Devil’s Bridge: here the Russian Army of Suvorov forced the Napoleonic troops to retreat in 1799 after a fierce battle. Many French gained eternal sleep in the river’s bed that day..


Nowadays, between the motorway bridge (front) and the railway bridge (back), the Devil’s bridge still connects the two sides of the gorge.


It is so called because this bridge was so difficult to build that locals had to ask Satan himself for help.  Satan agreed and of course asked to be paid with the first soul crossing the bridge: locals, after the work was finished, pushed a goat on it!

When you drive down the Schöllenen Gorge from Gotthard Pass towards Chur, stop by and pay a visit to this amazing location. Click on each picture to enjoy its stony texture. Pictures shot with full wide 16-35 f/4 on D800.