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Flying and falling objects in August night sky

Around 300 pictures were shot tonight for a total of 120 minutes. Falling stars (Perseids), airplanes (dotted lines) and satellites (thin white segmented lines) fly across the sky. Can you distinguish them? Click to enlarge

full300 artborghi

Below, at least 10 falling stars are present in this hi-res composite image of only 10 shots (airplanes almost excluded): can you find them? Click the picture to enlarge it (takes some time to download it, it is big), then click on the magnifying lens to zoom in!

10 comets artborghismall

Finally, a single shot of the brightest falling star tonight. On its left, the galaxy of Andromeda the Pleiades, click to enlarge

artborghi perseids 2015

Pictures shot with D800 on a tripod mounting a 16-35 mm f/4 – ISO 1200-2000, exposure time 25 secs.




Posted by lorenzoborghi on August 13, 2015
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  1. 08/13/2015

    Gorgeous photos Loreno. I was frustrated with light pollution, but it appears you had your share as well – very well processed. I’ll be out there again tonight as the weather is favorable. Just a note: I believe the Andromedia galaxy was out of your frame in the last shot…. M 🙂

    • 08/13/2015

      Thank you M! I must say light pollution at the horizon gave a colorful touch, although I had to process the “zurich-airport-orange” to a somewhat more fancy shade. I would love to go out tonight again and try a 6 hour-long continuous shooting: this is the max capacity for my 2 cards. However, clouds might be thick tonight , pity. And now you made me curious: if this is not Andromeda … you are so right, they are the Pleiades..oooops!

      • 08/14/2015

        No problem about Andromedia. In fact, at our latitudes, M31 (The Andromedia Galaxy) is readily seen in clear skies just about directly overhead around 1 or 2 AM this time of year. To the naked eye, it;s a smudge. Always love your photos! M 🙂

      • 08/18/2015

        How was the night sky, M? Did you manage to shoot the shooting stars? Here got for ever cloudy since then 🙁

  2. 08/13/2015

    Artborghi’s shooting stars are now published on !!!


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