Everything’s ready for the opening of the world’s longest and deepest tunnel, the new Gotthard base rail tunnel.


Our train will speed up to 250 km/h for 57 km under the Gotthard massive: more than 2 km of rocks above our head!


Will this shiny coach from the Swiss railways be our wagon?


Or instead this Trans Europe Express, the most comfy train of the Sixties?


Maybe the 10 tons, 2000 HP largest electric-engine powered locomotive ever (from 1922)?


Or this C 5/6 2978 (1917 – 1967): it was the last steam locomotive running through the old Gotthard tunnel  … at 65 km/h.


That’s our boy: the  D 1/3 1 «Limmat», 179 HP – 1847, the fist locomotive operated by the Swiss railway company. All aboard!

Pictures shot in Erstfeld, at the opening ceremony of the Gotthard base tunnel. That day, several historical trains of the Swiss railways were available for public view.