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The 8th wonder of the world … and a half.

Niagara falls are described as the 8th natural wonder of the world.

_DSC2762 _DSC2710

Indeed they are worth the car ride from Toronto: here above the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls, with some tourists queuing for the cruise.

_DSC2284-2 _DSC2837-2

Niagara falls downtown is also a wonder  … of its kind.

_DSC2526 _DSC2516-2

Water again: Niagara falls from the Canadian side and Maid of the Mist approaching the huge Horseshoe falls.

_DSC2288 _DSC2281

Niagara … fallen.

_DSC2703-2 _DSC2646-2

Finally, into the Horseshoe Falls with the Canadian Horn Blower!

Niagara Falls are a majestic natural wonder … with some awkward neighborhoods  😀 Click each picture to enlarge.



Posted by lorenzoborghi on July 24, 2016
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  1. 07/25/2016

    Nice memories for me, and the juxtaposition of the glitz with the natural is oh so real. Your first pict, of the observation tower reminds me of my first venture to Niagara Falls, many years ago. That same bridge was featured in a post I did about 2 years ago, image number 5: Marty 🙂

    • 07/26/2016

      I wonder if that snowy day you visited Niagara Falls any of the town attraction was crowded … thanks for sharing!


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