This is the fourth part of Monteponi rebirth, a photo reportage on the mining site of Monteponi (Sardegna, Italy). Here you find the second and third parts. The industrial area of Monteponi is wide but also tall. Layers of tunnels and rooms below ground make the exploration of the site dangerous. Often buildings consist of several floors, mostly not accessible. Buildings here are like giants with feet of clay.

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Stone washing area Mameli (1893) seen from the state road SS126. Waelz smoke capacitors, to condense smokes out of the furnaces (right).

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Waelz furnace (back, 1967): 60 meter long and 4 meter wide. Detail of the smoke capacitors (right).

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Lead foundry (1925) and its several, deep, shaky floors.  White zinc complex (1914) : here zinc was distilled as oxide for chemical use.

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