The Stralrhüfe and Gonzen cliffs (forward) and the Alvier group (backward) in the clouds, 9 km far away

The white Piz Buin (on the left), 57 km far away. The  Swiss chemist Franz Greiter invented the first sunscreen “Piz Buin” after a bad sun burning on this glacier.

The Alvier mountain group, from the Gamsberg (left) to the Alvier peak (right), 17 km far away

Three times above 3,000 meters: the peaks of Piz Ela, Corn da Tinizong and Piz Mitgel, 51 km far away.

Distances are negligible, colors might be too. Pictures shot with D800 + 17-200 VR II through the Heidi path in Pizol, Switzerland, Click to zoom in.