Did you miss ZÜRCHER/IN the exhibition? ZÜRCHER/IN is a photography project created by ARTBorghi (Lorenzo Borghi and Maria Francesca) on the common people highly over-represented as bronze and granite statues in the city of Zürich, Switzerland. Just a few statues of prominents adorn this Swiss city, which is flooded by commoners mostly relaxing in their free time. Not all statues represent common people: gods decorate the streets of Zürich too.

In the book, available online, coordinates and maps will additionally help you in this art-quest.

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Otto Münch, Mädchen im Wind (1935) / Einar Utzon-Frank, Aphrodite (1921)

Hermann Hubacher, Ganymed (1946) / Ivar Johnsson, David (1921)

Eduard Zimmermann, Waldmannbrunnen (1935) / Hermann Hubacher, Kniendes Mädchen (1928)

Emilio Stanzani, Merkur (1949)

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