Sechseläuten 2019 is over, the Böög exploded in less than 20 minutes, summer will be mild. Some pictures from the parade of the colorful guilds of Zurich. Eyes on me! wish the photographer behind a 200 mm zoom. It happens, sometimes 😀

Kids of the guild, one spied a photographer…

The horse on the right stares at me… maybe.

I am no bad, boy.

Eyes on me… doesn’t always work.

No offense, I swear.

Yes, up here on the bridge!

The Böög burned down and yes … we are tired after walking around all afternoon.

Picture shot in Zürich at Sechseläuten 2019 with Nikon D800 + 70/200 f/2.8. Click each picture to zoom in and find who stares at the photographer