Which objects can you picture in a clear night sky with a Nikon 200 mm? What magnification can you obtain with this photographic zoom?
Picture shot with ISO 800-1600, 2-3 min long exposure, 3.2-5.6 aperture – Mount: Skyguider pro. Click each picture to zoom in

A plate solver like Astrometry.net helps mapping your night shots: with 70 mm, no DSO is recognized in this part of the sky

With 200 mm, small emission nebula like the Bow tie nebula are mere dots

With 200 mm galaxies like the Whirlpool galaxy turn visible

Still a 200 mm shot, the ring of the Ring nebula in the Lyra constellation is pixel visible

The Andromeda galaxy is likely the only galaxy you can resolve up to this definition with a 200 mm

Pictures shot in Zurich area (sky brightness 18.5)