Gross (1700 m.s.l.) and Chli Aubrig on the left, behind the Bockmattlipass (1,800 m.s.l.), Vorder Glärnisch (2,300 m.s.l.) and the Glärnisch (2,900 m.s.l.) on the right

The Sustenhorn peak (3,500 m.s.l.)

The Rigi peak (1,800 m.s.l.)

The Säntis massive on the left (2,600 m.s.l.), Mattstock (1,900 m.s.l.) in the center, the Chöpfenberg peak (1,900 m.s.l.) on the right

Pilatus (2,100 m.s.l.) behind Aegerisee.

Pictures shot in Ratenpass. Click each picture to zoom in.