After Theseus killed the Minotaur, the daughter of the king of Crete, Ariadne, embarked with him.

Ariadne helped Theseus out of the labyrinth in change of a promise of marriage.

On the way back to Athens, Theseus stopped by at the island of Naxos.

There, he abandoned Ariadne.

She eventually married Dyonisus, God of wine, pleasure and fertility. She gave him 14 kids:  Enyeus, Thoas, Oenopion, Staphylus, Latromis, Euanthes, Tauropolis, Peparethus, Phanus, Phliasus, Eurymedon , Ceramus, Maron and Eunous.

Nowadays, the Great Door of Naxos still stands there, where Ariadne’s fate abruptly changed… for better?