Tourist photography en route to Naxos shows cross-(water)roads between fast ferries and cruise boats. This eight-plus-deck cruising boat overwhelms our fast ferry and covers the sight on the island behind. Staring at it or waiting for a free view?

Several beaches in Naxos have no services. Still, delicious restaurants are often close by the beach.  As well, delicious kiosks point the roads just behind the shores. Delicious food is never a problem in Naxos. 
Flocks of teenagers meet in specific locations in Naxos. Given the amount of selfies shot close to the Great Door, this location must be the most popular one of the island.

How exciting is climbing up the stairs to the Acropolis, where the temple of Athena still stands after 3000 years. How many feet walked on these marble slates, likely (mostly) tourist feet. Also this day a long tourist procession gathers from the lower city, goes through the main door and reaches the holy top hill. Up there, overwhelming beauty fills the eyes of every tourist. Up there ,not only stones will catch your attention…Even more astonishing beauty is conserved into the Acropolis museum, just at the feet of the Parthenon. The original Caryatids from the porch of the Erechtheion on the Acropolis are here. Copies are displayed outdoors. The originals are so close you can marvel at their stone vests and hair.

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