A metal container of the Evergreen, the company that had some issues with its Ever Given cargo through the Suez canal. This container is located along remote routes of Naxos. A cheap B&B solution?

Marble boxes for the deads of Naxos. Is this cemetery located on the rock or are marble coffins the usual choice on the island?

Boxed, but out of the box. A stunning 3D effects through the walls of Alyko Hotel ruins. Does it bite?

Camping memories tell me that indoor temperature quickly rises up to “intolerable” after sunrise. Is there anybody home?

Marble boxes cut out of Naxos mountains. Once for sculptors, today for coffins?

The Roman Agora’ Museum, on the northern side of the Acropolis, a box made out of columns?

Also modern Greeks like decorating their flat and balconies with classic statues, don’t they?

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