From 1205 to 1669, the modern Greek island of Crete was known as the Kingdom of Candia, a strategic colony of the Republic of Venice. Fortresses and harbors in present day Crete witness that time of conflicts between Venice and the Ottomans for the dominion on the Mediterranean sea. An example of Venetian military architecture is on the islands of Gramvousa (Agria and Imeri), located North-west of the town of Kissamos, where the ruins of a Venetian castle (1579) still dominate the area.

The main door, also nowadays entrance to the fortress , is easily reachable after a 30 minute-long climb-up from the shores of Imeri Gramvousa bay

Turquoise waters of Gramvousa bay: a dark-green agave forest decorates the surrounding hills

On the North side, Agria Gramvousa island as seen from inside the fortress of Imeri Gramvousa island

On the East side, clear waters between Gramvousa islands and Gramvousa peninsula

On the South side, defense walls of the Venetian fortress, Pontikonisi island in the back

Agria Gramvousa island as seen from the land surrounding the fortress

The tiny harbor of Gramvousa bay

Ruins of the Venetian church inside the fortress

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