He who fights with monsters

might take care lest he thereby

become a monster.

And if you stare for long

into an abyss,

the abyss stares back

Beyond Good And Evil. Friedrich Nietzsche.

This was the last episode of this picture series shot in Lisbon and surroundings over Christmas 2022. All episodes:

1. Look up (from Fri, 10.2)
2. No Western than this (from Sun, 12.2)
3. Memory of water (from Wed, 15.2)
4. Atlantic at the end (from Fri, 17.2)
5. The essence of Tejo (from Sun, 19.2)
6. Winter shores (from Wed, 22.2)
7. Heroes of the sea (from Fri, 24.2)
8. Tejo (from Sun, 26.2)
9. Seamen (from Wed, 1.3)
10. Foreground diversions (from Fri, 3.3)
11. Astronomic observation in Lisbon (from Sun, 5.3)
12. if you gaze into the abyss… (from Wed, 8.3)