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Fine art auctions @ Photobastei from 21.8 to 31.8 2014: bring home your ARTBorghi !

The Photobastei auction kicks off on Thursday, August 21, with a rushing vernissage (everybody welcome!) and goes on until Photobastei-end on August 31. Two whole floors of the Photobastei building are reserved for it!

On the 10th day before the end of the project, ie at the opening evening, August 21, each of the artworks part of this action will cost CHF 1000. On the 9th day before the end of the project, or August 22, CHF 900. Then CHF 800CHF 700 -, etc., until a picture on the last day of Photobastei will be as low as CHF 100!

Click here to see which pictures are part of the AUCTION at the moment. The following two ARTBorghi artworks (printed on HQ photo-paper and framed) , part of the previous exhibition The GREEN point of view, will be available in this Photobastei auction:

Lorenzo_Borghi_Paradise on cloud one_2014

Paradise on cloud one 2014, Lorenzo Borghi

Lorenzo_Borghi_Red hot waters_2014

Red hot waters 2014, Lorenzo Borghi


Come to celebrate with all your friends the last days of Photobastei and participate to the auction.  Below where it all goes on:

Romano Zerbini in conversation with Lorenzo Borghi @ Photobastei: “behind the green point of view”

Many thanks to Romano Zerbini, curator of Photobastei, who gave me the opportunity to explain today what’s behind my exhibition: The green point of view.


What is near-infrared photography ?


Can we define The Green point of view as conceptual art?


How do plants perceive reality via near-infrared sight ?


What creates the peculiar atmosphere in near-infrared pictures ?


Which new concepts can we develop out of The green point of view?

Of this and more we discussed today at Photobastei. Thanks to the public for questions and new ideas! The green point of view is open until the 5th of April!


The Artist Talk @ Photobastei: Lorenzo Borghi’s “behind The Green Point of View”

Dear ARTBorghi followers, I am delighted to give the Artist Talk about The GREEN point of view, my photo-exhibition at Photobastei. WHEN: on Wednesday the 2nd of April 2014 @ 18:00 – WHERE: at the 6th floor of Bärengasse 29 Zürich. Here is the link with the coordinates for the Artist Talk:

I will introduce you to near-infrared light, the way of composing infrared photography and  green ways of communications. What happens to people and trees and landscapes when pictures are shot in near-infrared photography … and why?

artborghi green point of view artist talk

To know it, just pass by next Wednesday 2nd of April at 18:00 at the 6th floor of Bärengasse 29, 8001 Zürich. The talk will be in English! Looking forward to seeing you there!

My exhibition The GREEN point of view  is exceptionally prolonged until the 5th of April 2014!


A vernissage point of view on GREEN at Photobastei 2014

Thanks so much to all of you who joined the vernissage for “The GREEN point of view” at Photobstei last Thursday, 20th of March. It was a deep pleasure to seeing all you there gathering for my first photo exhibition!














In case you missed some details, or you wanna come back with friends and families or you did not manage yet to see my artwork, remember the exhibition is open until the 30th of March everyday 12-9pm except for Monday. I will try to be present between 6-8pm everyday.

Media coverage on The GREEN point of view exhibition by Ron Orp!

ron orp the green point of view

Still some hours before the opening and already a media coverage on The GREEN point of view exhibition. Give it a look on Ron Orp newsletter: click here or on the post picture. And see you at the vernissage!

The green point of view opens TODAY 20th of March at 6pm !

… the last touch to the exhibition space and …


… Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the first ARTBorghi photo exhibition: The GREEN point of view!


Here is the official flier to help you going through the 12 artworks exposed for the next 10 days. See you between 20th and 30th of March at the 6th floor of Bärengasse 29 8001 Zürich. The exhibition is open Tue-Sun from noon to 9pm.

Don’t miss the chance to talk to the artist 🙂

If no date is compatible with your agenda, get a virtual tour here (your browser will require the installation of the unity 3D plugin)

Unfolding The GREEN point of view: one day to the vernissage!


We packed every framed picture for my exhibition “The green point of view” with tender loving care. Now that we reached the exhibition hall it is time to unpack all of them 12… patience is a virtue.


When professional packaging doesn’t suffice, remember that towels become very useful. As they say: never leave your towel home!


It looks like this was my job since ever, doesn’t it? But … things are not as they seem. This is the only publishable hammering picture of the day.


Almost done …


… and that’s it! The green point is view is ready! Waiting for you at 18:00 of this Thursday 20th of March in Bärengasse 29, Zurich! In case you do not manage it, the exhibition will stay open until the 30th of March.

ARTBorghi exhibition at Photobastei coming soon on 20-30 March 2014

the green point of view photobastei lorenzo borghi 20 30 march 2014 artborghi address

Do plants see us? What do they perceive of the colourful world we know? Lorenzo Borghi, scientist and photographer, filters out every light but near infra-red, thus to capture the point of view of plants. A black and white world where plants easily move looking for their primary source of energy: light.

Where and When and How: click HERE!

(Sources for human and tree silhouettes.)

ARTBorghi goes real with the photo exhibition “The GREEN point of view”, Zurich downtown, 20th-30th March 2014

Dear ARTBorghi readers, it is my great pleasure to announce Lorenzo Borghi first photo exhibition: “The GREEN point of view”.


When: from 20th to 30th of March 2014, open Tuesday-Sunday 12-21 h.
Where: Photobastei space, 6th floor,  Bärengasse 29, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland.
What: ARTBorghi’s exhibition will consist of 12 of his best infra-red works.

Click HERE or scan the QR code below to know more about the artwork.


Click to print the flyer below with directions how to reach the exhibition.

artborghi photobastei

How to reach ARTBorghi exhibition by plane: once landed at Zurich Airport, take tram number 10 and reach Zurich Main Station, take Tram 13 towards Albisgütli or Tram 7 towards Wollishofen ans step out in Paradeplatz, have a 5 min walk to Bärengasse 29.

By train: once arrived at Zurich Main Station, take Tram 13 towards Albisgütli or Tram 7 towards Wollishofen ans step out in Paradeplatz, have a 5 min walk to Bärengasse 29.

By Zurich public service: reach Paradeplatz either by tram or bus, have a 5 min walk to Bärengasse 29.

Waiting forward to seeing you there!

Artborghi nominated for the SUPER SWEET BLOGGING AWARD !


Some muffins ago Artborghi was nominated for the Super Sweet Blogging Award! Thank you The Grateful Golfer for the nomination: you’re super sweet! I sieved out what the Super Sweet Blogging Award is about, and found dozens of mums writing about cakes and kids. So, I am no mama, I do not bake cakes… but I can put imagination in motion, as you said. Good I can do it with pictures, because I am so bad at baking!

Rules for this award include:

– Thank the super sweet blogger who made the nomination: grazie ancora,  Grateful Golfer!
– Nominate a “Baker’s dozen” additional super sweet bloggers:


1. passionartlove
2. windybee
3. doronart
4. soterodelgado
5. jasminephoto
6. sparklingraya
7. drawandshoot
8. tutisoler
9. violiantonio
10. thespectrumcc
11. afternoonsuddenstories
12. maggiescamera
13. alien-heartbeat

I doubt all of these bloggers regularly bake cakes, but still they are as pleasant as a fresh gipfeli with cappuccino for breakfast!

And now to answer five questions:

Cookie or cake? Cake, try a Aargauer Rüeblitorte if you pass by in Switzerland

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate, either Belgian or Swiss.

What is your favorite sweet treat? Condensed milk (!)

When do you crave sweet things the most? Oddly by night

If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? Milchbrötchen …

And I swear, no more pink in posts for some time 😀

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