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Pictures shot on the slopes connecting Andermatt (Uri) and Sedrun (Graubünden), Switzerland. Click each picture to watch the antmen.










Alpine whites

Pictures shot in Elm, Glarus, Switzerland. Click to zoom in.





Lost and found


Pictures shot in  Elm, Glarus, Switzerland. Click to zoom in.

White trails

The two Mythen peaks in the background

The frozen Shilsee harbor

Suspicious white trails

Cross country skiing tracks starting in Einsiedeln

Pictures shot on the frozen Sihlsee shores, Switzerland. Click each picture to zoom in.






















Wrong flight?

A last check at the departures …

… and here are the planes ready to fly us to …

… or are these ones?

Hard to image a flight on those up there …

Now they are landing, leaving the airspace free …

… to the right one! Not all Swiss-flagged flights are Swiss. Patrouille Suisse made the air show!  Pictures shot at the 70 years celebration of Zurich Airport. Click to enlarge and see the pilot smile.

Take a walk on the Swiss wild side

To begin your walk on the Swiss wild side, first bring yourself to Canton of Valais, southern Switzerland.

If you drive there by car from the northern side, you will probably get stuck in your car on a train wagon like this, at the entrance of the Lötschberg tunnel.

20 minutes after shaking in the darkness (give some thought to the 116 workers who died drilling this hole in the mountain in 1908, several corpses still buried in the tunnel) you find yourself on the other side, in Goppenstein. Read more…


The 54th Limmatschwimmen (swimming in the Limmat river through the city of Zurich) started!

Left behind floating see-horses, the choice for inflatable pets of 2018, waiting for a owner

The Limmat river dotted with some of the 4,500 registered swimmers

Tea break in  the middle of the 2 kilometer long swim

The point of view of the Limmat Abyss Monster

Last waves before the end …

… and here is the goal! 90 minutes for 2 kilometers along the stream… not bad, not bad 😀

Click each picture to enlarge. Pictures shot with Olympus TG-1


Spring in Flumserberg, Switzerland. Click each picture to enlarge.




The 50th long march

Smile, we are live!

The few-dozens ahead of the 30,000 skiers behind

Best 50th edition ski suit, number 776

Way to go!

Glimpses on the 30,000+ skiers at the 50th Engadin ski-marathon. Click each picture and find yourself!



Persistent white

End of March, no end of winter here in Switzerland. A double winter ahead?

Despite the heavy snow falls …

… people are gathering on the frozen lakes of Silvaplana,  Switzerland.

Waiting for … ?

A look above the bridge made everything clear:

Here, behind the “safety car”, the 50th Engadin Sky marathon started!

Click each picture to enlarge and enjoy every falling snow flake.



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