ruben gutzat on artborghi

German freelance photographer Ruben Gutzat

Ruben Gutzat opens the call for photographers recently announced on artborghi. Ruben is an enthusiast German photographer I met in Switzerland. His human sensitivity, need for exploration and love for photography perfectly melted in his reportage on the Philippines. Ruben’s words:

“When travelling, photography is not only a passive tool for helping memory or freezing beautiful moments. It is also an active tool that helps opening my mind and making connections with people. Thus, it actually creates moments and greatly expands my travel experience.”

the people of trash-coffee break

Morning coffee in Manila slum of trash – The Philippines – (c) 2013 Ruben Gutzat

Ruben visited the Philippines across 2012-2013 together with the association German Doctors ( He could follow the doctor`s work in the slums around Manila for about 2 weeks and later travelled north for some hiking in the mountains in the Ifugao/Northern Luzon region. All his pictures are shot with a Canon 5D MarkII – his lens is a Canon 85 mm / 1.8 or a 24-70 mm / 2.8. Pictures are post-processed with Lightroom and Nik plugins. Click on each picture to enjoy it full screen.

In one of the slums of Manila people live from collecting and sorting waste from one of the biggest garbage dumps of the Philippines. The “recycled” rubbish they collect is sold to “junk shops” to make a living of about 2-3 euro/day.Read More