Yesterday I had the nice opportunity to shoot pictures at a wedding party. I tried for the first time a EOS 60D with my 28-55mm f/2.8 mounted. The 60D is a nice experience, especially for sensitivity and burst mode – and it made me realizing how inadequate is my old camera… God’s will my Nikon D800 will be shipped sooner or later.

Back to the event, the party location had indoor and garden, fluo lamps, low lights, uneven illumination, people dancing and drinking… quite a nightmare for a photographer. Here are my basic tips if you find yourself in the same situation:

1 mount fast lenses, like the very good Canon 28-55mm f/2.8

2 use only stabilized  lenses (IS/VR)

3 shoot .RAW and .JPG: the first to be corrected in Lighroom; the second to quickly visualize them with some fast software like XnView.

4 set auto ISO max at 1600, but be ready to switch to 3200 for the room darkest corners

5 outdoor sunset light and indoor fluo lamps need you set the right white balance (WB) whenever you switch location

6 in potrait or group picture people are still, 1/30 to 1/50 is therefore a good compromise to avoid high ISO noise

7 people unaware of you taking pictures move a lot: use a professional flash (avoid the built-in) or find a blurred compromise with high ISO and faster time around 1/80 to 1/100

8 … or just shoot underexposed pictures and try correct light and colors in Lightroom (the 60D requires Lr version 3.3 or higher)

… but especially, enjoy the event, good food and drinks are made to be eaten also by the photographer!