Whenever you like it or not, most of the models published on magazines are strongly retouched. Retouching is much easier when the model is properly maked up, although as you can see from this example, with digital retouching we have no limits. So, no studio needed, just a camera and a model!

Now, about the contest:

1. it’s not about models, it’s about retouching!
2. whatever gender accepted
3. compose a before / after retouching panel in .jpg format (max width: 960px)
4. send it to artborghi@gmail.com with subject “Photo beauty-retouch contest”
5. on 31st of July 11:59pm the contest closes

The picture panels will be then published in a “Photo beauty-retouch contest” gallery on artborghi.wordpress.com to be visualized and voted. Aim of this contest is let you showing off and improve your retouching abilities. The winner photographer and the model of course will be prized with eternal glory !


Here is a common/quick procedure to obtain results like the one of this post:

– with the spot healing brush tool remove small skin imperfections
– create masks for face skin, eyes, lips, additional body skin, hair, face hairs
– use the dust & scratches filter to obtain that porcelain skin effect so much loved today
– superimpose warm or cooling photo filters to obtain the desired light
– make eyes as brilliant as ever
– use the unsharp mask on hair and hairs

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