I am pretty sure the Nikon Service Switzerland did its best to fix the left AF issue of my Nikon D800, no jokes. The problem is: they could not fully repair it.

I gave in my 3 week-old D800 camera with a 0 AF fine tuning, perfect central and right AF points, highly blurred (unusable) left AF side.

After 3 weeks
I got back a camera with a -12 AF fine tuning, a slightly blurred right AF and a slightly better left AF. My test (click on the first picture table for full view) was carried out with these specs:

– camera on tripod

– Mup to avoid mirror vibrations

– liveview focusing vs AF points

– several pictures shot for each points

– around 3 meters far from the target

– 50 mm f/1.4 G mounted

I compared for AF accuracy and sharpness my 2,700 CHF Nikon D800 against the entry level Canon 60D (800 CHF value). The Nikon D800 could never produce with left and right AF points any sharp picture, while the Canon 60D was sharp at each trial (click on the second picture table for full view)

So, what’s next? Should I wait for Nikon to find a solution to the problem? 36 Mpixel of out of focus images for a sensor that got the highest DxO rating, this is what I would call a waste of technology.