Let’s say you have only 8 sequential shoots but you need at least 40 otherwise the sequence is too short or not smooth enough. How could you fill the gaps?

– Open the sequential pictures in Photoshop
– File > Scripts > Load files into stack
– Add Open files and tag Attempt to Automatically Align Source Images (if you did not shoot on tripod, you could get quite funny effects from this option)
– Window > Animation
– Top right menu of the newly open animation window: Make Frames from Layer
– Top right menu of the animation window: Reverse Frames and Optimize Animation

And now comes the magic:

– Click on the first frame, then on the Tweens Animation Frames icon (second on the left of the tiny trash bin) and ok or change the number of frames
– Do the same for each frame
– File > Export > Render Video

In this way you created in between frames as single .JPG that will smooth your animation later, when loaded on Windows Live Maker for example. Have fun as I had for my first best-man-photographer experience!