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On the wheel traces of Goldfinger’s James Bond: from Furkapass down to Gletsch


After Furkapass, close to where the most famous Aston Martin ever drove down the valley


take your chance to explore one of the most spectacular roads of Switzerland.


Sharp bends and steep down-hills


to reach the young, rapid Rhone river


cutting through Gletsch, at the crossroads of the Grimsel Pass (leading to the Bernese Oberland) and the Furka Pass (leading to Central Switzerland).


On-the-road, stop-and-go pictures shot despite almost-unforgiving motor-bike policemen… with my D800 plus 70-200 VR-II or 16-35 f/4. Click to magnify

Posted by lorenzoborghi on September 12, 2013
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  1. 09/13/2013

    Wow. Gorgeous and amazing shot, Lorenzo.
    (PS. Thanks so much for following me. Appreciate your friendship, and love seeing your photographs).

    • 09/15/2013

      Thank you Windy! I regret at the moment I have few free time home but I still manage to give a look around to my favourite blogs 🙂


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