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Sights of Istanbul cityscape from the Galata tower.

From the top terrace of the Galata tower (here its shadow on the cityscape), a view on the North side of Istanbul. Mosques and modern building adorned with satellite dishes mix at sunset. Istanbul has around 15 millions of inhabitants and it stretches from the Marmara sea, a north-east Mediterranean appendix,  up to the Bosporus, gate to the Black sea.





Watching south, the historical Istanbul centre, with the Topkapi Saray (=palace), residence of the Sultan, the blue mosque and in the distance the new modern area outside of the Topkapi walls. Modern and ancient quarters ae connected among the others by the modern Ataturk bridge.




Pictures shot with D800 plus 70-200 VR-II – Click to magnify each picture.

Posted by lorenzoborghi on January 24, 2014
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  1. 01/25/2014

    It is interesting how your shots captured the old and new aspects of Instanbul. It is exactly how I remember it. For those who have not visited, the Blue Mosque in the second picture is a site to see! Thanks Lorenzo!


    • 01/25/2014

      Indeed Jim, there is quite a border, built by the Golden Horn waters, between old and new parts of the city. And from the Galata tower you can spy them both.

      And I perfectly agree with you Jim, the blue mosque is a must. That’s why tomorrow photo-post will be about … 🙂


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