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Here dies artborghi’s Nikon D800 killed by weather, humidity and oxidation

miss nikon is dead

After 52,842 shots and less than 3 years, artborghi’s much beloved Nikon D800 gave its last click.

Condensation/water infiltration in the camera body caused irrecoverable oxidation, as stated by Nikon repair service. Such sudden death, despite its weather-resistant life above the sea level, its companion the rain-proof backpack and the loving care of its owner.

In its short life, artborghi’s Nikon D800 was inspirational to 250 blog posts on, photo calendars, news articles, photo books (in preparation), a photo exhibition , scientific talks, weddings, portrait shootings and more.

It leaves behind 2.3 TB of .NEF and .JPG files, plus a plethora of unforgettable memories and happy moments.

DSCN0744[1] DSCN0745[1] DSCN0746[1] DSCN0747[1] DSCN0748[1]

Above, some pictures of the camera autopsy. Click to enlarge


R.I.P. miss Nikon 14.9.2012 / 14.2.2015 – you will not be forgotten


Posted by lorenzoborghi on February 14, 2015
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  1. 02/14/2015
    Antonio Violi

    What a pity! Please accept my sympathies.

    • 02/15/2015

      Indeed I feel like I lost a friend … thanks Antonio.

  2. 02/14/2015

    I’m really sorry about your camera.
    I think that a camera like that should last much more than 2,5 years!!!
    Lately Nikon had a lot of serious problems related to build quality (D800 focus, D600 oil, and recently D750 flare issues).
    It’s also unacceptable that Nikon repair service says your camera has irrecoverable oxidation. They should clean it and change what has to be changed!

    Maybe it’s the right time to think about the new 50 megapixel Canon EOS 5DS !!! 😉

    • 02/15/2015

      It is difficult to reply to a Canon fanboy but I try 😉

      You forgot the D810 long exposures problem, along with the problems affecting Canon cameras too, like light leakage in 5D MarkIII, 70 D focusing issue and so on. We consumers are the beta-testers, it is clear.

      Still, *I* will try cleaning it, as I cannot see my camera turned into a brick despite the tender loving care I always had for it.

      For what I read, 50 5DS has not so much to offer for picture quality except pictures are big. Like the Nokia Lumia 1020 🙂

  3. 02/14/2015


    • 02/15/2015

      You can say it, I am still in mourning period here with my D800 brick …


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