With a concentration of 20 banks/financial institute per kilometer, the city center of Zurich whispers at everyone’s hear: invest, invest, cash must flow. From king-like palaces to anonymous front doors, from glass and aluminum modern buildings to marble stairs, here is a panorama in four episodes of Zurich investment landscape. Fourth and last episode: Cash must flow for ever.

Alantra, European Corporate Finance House of the Year 2019

Degussa goldhandel, The Whole Wide World of Precious Metals

Goldman Sachs Bank AG: investment banking, acquisitions, restructuring, risk management, debt and equity underwriting, mutual funds, financing, and advisory services

Beveco: Lösungen an in den Bereichen Management, Entwicklung und Beratung

Luzerner Kantonalbank, cantonal bank and the dominant retail banking group in the Swiss canton of Lucerne

Pictures shot in Zurich city center. Click each picture to zoom in.

Previous episodes:

1. Cash must flow

2. Cash must always flow

3. Cash must flow again