Up there at 2044 m.s.l between Sedrun and Andermatt (Switzerland), a deep ocean of snow and ice covers every track for most of the year.Weather conditions change rapidly up here. When clouds roll down the mountains, most reference points vanish in the white mist.


Search then for the Oberalp Pass lighthouse: it will show you the path to sail off these perilous waters.


and before turning your bow towards Andermatt give a last look to the highest light-house of the world, which made you reaching a safe harbor through icy waves.


This Dutch-like lighthouse is built on the Oberalp Pass and is one of the starting points to reach the source of the river Rhine … in August, I suppose, as by middle May snow was still covering every hiking path … Pictures shot with D800 + 70-200 f/2.8 or 16-35 f/4