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No more Langoliers in Bangor.

DSC_1689 DSC_1708

No more tickets for the lake cruise, no more boats stopping by at the pier.

DSC_1699 DSC_1697

No more panoramic rides uphill, no more red curtains flapping in the wind.

DSC_1711 DSC_1714-Recovered

No more touristic menus at the restauran(t), no more joyful queues for the cable car thrill …

DSC_1793-Recovered DSC_1781

No more dives from the pier, no more sunbathing on the pier.

DSC_1771 DSC_1729-Recovered

And mo more verboten for the last, forgotten boat. Golden times here in Kehrsiten are long over.

Posted by lorenzoborghi on July 11, 2014
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  1. 07/11/2014

    Thank you for listing me.


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