On the southern, most remote part of Vulcano island, Mauro Pollastri still produces the authentic, traditional Lipari wine:  the Malvasia Passito. Wine grapes are not immediately processed after collection, but left ripening in the shades thus to reach a particular alcoholic grade and sweetness. Check the following address to know more about Mauro’s Malvasia Passito : http://www.puntaaria.it/index/malvasia

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Punta Aria agri-tourism and Malvasia vineyards

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Grapes on the shores of Vulcano

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Grapes are collected and left ripening protected by nets

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Different sorts of grapes, both black and white, make the Malvasia Passito.

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The modern cantina of Punta Aria: cheers! Mauro export his wine all over Europe: check it here if you wanna taste this exquisite sweet and fresh wine!