d800 infrared autumn artborghi 4

It is my pleasure to announce that next Tuesday 11.11.14 I will give a seminar (in German) at the University of Zurich, The title of the seminar: Können uns Pflanzen sehen? Die grüne Sicht der Dinge. (Do plants see us? The GREEN point of view.) Click here for a preview of the slideshow.

d800 infrared autumn artborghi 5

It will be a very interesting opportunity to explain the scientific background behind ARTBorghi photo exhibition at Photobastei early this year. Interested? You can find more about it here and here.

d800 infrared autumn artborghi

And what about far-red infrared photography with my Nikon D800? The autumn infrared project just started as you can see with these new post pictures … stay tuned!