Kandersteg is a tiny town on the Bernese mountains at approx. 1,200 m.s.l, famous for the amounts of peaks around its plateau and cross country skiing.

DSC_4930 DSC_4966

Skiing at the base of Oeschinenhorn (3,486 m.s.l.)

DSC_4970 DSC_4975

Skiing along the Kander river

DSC_4946 DSC_4943

Through the town of Kandersteg

DSC_4959 DSC_4982

The Bire peak (2,502 m.s.l.) and the majestic BlĂźemlisalp (3,661 m.s.l.)

DSC_4978 DSC_4973

Towards Innerer Fisistock (2,787 m.s.l.)

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