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I will bring you out of Zürich on a Spring day

untitled-8273 untitled-8275

We will leave the park behind because it is gray and cold

untitled-8283 untitled-8289

We will walk through the new quarters

untitled-8293 untitled-8311

cross the river and pass by walls of trees and humans

untitled-8309 untitled-8303

to follow tracks of steel and concrete

untitled-8316 untitled-8315

and take the last tram to Terminal 1.

Posted by lorenzoborghi on March 28, 2015
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  1. 04/1/2015

    Love the tree-lined path and look forward to seeing more Spring shots. PS. Happy Birthday, Lorenzo! Hope you have a beautiful day. 🙂

    • 04/2/2015

      Dear Windy thank you so much for remembering it! Spring will arrive in Zurich…. sooner or later… as they say here: ” I love these longer gray days”

      • 04/5/2015

        Oh, you’re welcome. I hope you had a great day, and that all is going well for you. It will be summer here very soon, but I prefer cool gray days, and appreciate your urban shots as well as the countryside. Keep it up.

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