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Spring as you can’t see, but plants do…

The following pictures are shot with a far-red filter on a 16-35 mm wide angle mounted on my Nikon D800. White means presence of far-red light, black means absence of far-red light. Click each picture to enlarge.



Outside of our far-red opaque houses and offices …



.. a triumph of far-red light is reflected by plants flooded with the Spring sun!



The only shadows in such far-red radiance days: our footpaths and the cloudless sky…



The last far-red light blades cut the Botanical Garden of Zürich before sunset.

After the positive experience 2014 at Photobastei, I am dreaming about a new art exhibition in 2015 with this new series and more to come. If you are interested or know about such opportunities, please write or contact me through my blog here

Posted by lorenzoborghi on April 22, 2015

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