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A Portuguese mystery

Hidden in the woods of Sintra (Portugal) is Quinta da Regaleira. This unique Unesco heritage is a fusion of Gothic, Roman, Renaissance and Manuelino architecture adorned with alchemy and masonic relics. Lose yourself through the labyrinth gardens, reach the cave system and come back to light through the initiatory well.

_DSC8143 _DSC8151

_DSC8137 _DSC8141

_DSC8147 _DSC8171

_DSC8194 _DSC8219

And after you got initiated click each picture to magnify stone and plant patterns…

Posted by lorenzoborghi on April 3, 2016
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  1. 04/3/2016


    Awesome pictures. The black and white make the historic site seem more majestic!


  2. 04/4/2016

    Ciao Jim, so nice to read you again after the long Easter break! Yes, conversion to black and white helped also to reduce the chromatic difference between plants and monuments and increased the contrasts. They are both so carved and shaped that with no colors they merge together… as you will better see in the next post 🙂


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