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Ville de Québec: since 1608

Quebec is the only fortified city of North America. Surrounded by strong walls, Quebec citizens could defend their French identity despite the English troops conquered the region and the town.

_DSC3289-3 _DSC3332-2

Streets are narrow and buildings are tall in the city center.

_DSC3393-5 _DSC3362-3

Metal roofs and structures reveal the strong influence from the Old Continent.

_DSC3316-2 _DSC3314-Recovered

It is easy getting lost in the labyrinth of the lovely old town

_DSC3363-2 _DSC3350-2

and whenever a big square surprises you, a tall wall is there to remind you “Je me souviens

Click each picture to enlarge.

Posted by lorenzoborghi on August 2, 2016
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  1. 08/4/2016


    Another great group of pictures. I have seen some of these pictures in person. You captured the essence of Quebec City quite well.


  2. 08/6/2016

    Thank you so much Jim! Quebec City was a jump back into the past of Canada. Have you been there into the Museum of Civilization? It was very nicely organized and guided tours a must. After Toronto, Quebec is the city we enjoyed most.


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