This is the second part of Monteponi rebirth, a photo reportage on the mining site of Monteponi (Sardegna, Italy). Monteponi industrial area is split in two by the state road SS126. Uphill, above the extracted and washed soils, are the mine lifts and extraction facilities, such as electrolysis cells and pools. Downhill, in the Scalo areas, furnaces, factories for modern extraction treatments and stock buildings.

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 The pool of the electrolysis plant (1943) and annex. Here zinc muds were collected after electrolysis.

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Sulfuric acid plant (1928), built to overcome the electrolysis treatments. Electrolysis office building (1925)

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A view on of the hills of mine extracted soils beside the sulfuric acid plant (1925) and white zinc leftovers in the courtyard of the white zinc plant. White zinc is a synthetic pigment derived by zinc vapors burned at high temperatures

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Waelz oven facility (1967). Active only for 4 years, the oven is 60 meter long and 4 meter in diameter. This steel cylinder was to collect the furnaces gases of the oven in the background. The oven allowed to extract oxidized minerals and dusts.

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